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We would like to inform you based on your hair condition, our Ayurvedic experts recommend a 4 step regimen of Oil, Shampoo, Serum & Booster oil to control hair fall and help rejuvenate your roots for healthy hair growth.

Products Goal
oil (Oiling) keeps the scalp hydrated strengthens your hair Promotes hair growth
Shampoo (Cleansing) reduces the fiber hydrophilicity a detox can help rebalance your scalp Free from SLES and parabens
Serum (Conditioning) protects hair damaging effects of the sun hair shinier, healthier and reduces tangles its low pH level prevents swelling
Hair Growth Booster hair include renewed hair growth antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties reducing frizz and properly conditioned

Ohadiya Is Formulated By Trichologist Experts With Over 25 Years Of Experience In Hair Treatments!

Dr. Nirali Bhadrani
[Expert Trichologist]

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Rupali Nadiya

Amazing product even better customer service

I’ve been facing post partum hair loss which has been difficult to manage and psychologically challenging to face. After using it for a month, the Ohadiya hair care products has helped me manage the hair loss situation. Although I’m still waiting for new baby hairs to grow, the serum has reduced the amount of hairs I see on the drain. Application is fast and easy to apply.

Raj Godhani

Hair happy here!!

It leaves my scalp cooling without bad smelling scent. After a week or so my baby hair start to grow. The growth rate is much faster compared to other brands. I will sure recommend to my family and friends. Although price is higher, but for the speed and results is worth.

Nindura Chapadiya

After 5 weekly washes, my hair is LOVING these products!

Been using this for 2month plus... At first i dnt believe it will make my hair grow. but after trying this i have seen my hair loss is reduce.. and i can see baby hair too..


How Do I Order?

You can order your products with these simple steps: Start by clicking on the “Checkout Plans” button anywhere on this page , Choose the right plan for you - 3-Step Hair Care Kit (3 products), 4-Step Hair Care Kit (4 products) Add your address information Choose how you want to pay - You can choose cash on delivery if you prefer, Place your order! Your products will be home-delivered. Each hair care kit will last you for 30 days, within which you can re-order a kit of your choice.

Will Ohadiya Actually Work For My Hair?

Ohadiya understands the root cause of your hair problems and suggests customized products made specifically for your hair. Our products do not give instant results. They give results that last long. Your patience will be worth it. Just keep using the products as instructed and you will surely see positive results gradually.

How many months i could use this product?

For best results continue using Ohadiya customised for at least 3months

Is it sulphate and paraben free ?

Yes, Ohadiya is100% ayurvedic products

Any Dietary Tips To Go Along With My Ohadiya customized Products?

Ensuring your diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as superfoods such as walnuts, eggs, spinach etc. can do wonders for your hair and boost hair growth naturally.

Why Do I Need To Take The Shampoo?

Generic shampoos have SLS and SLES, which can be harsh on your scalp. Using generic shampoo while you're following a customised regimen will only disturb your scalp health further and render no benefits. Our team of Ayurvedic doctors suggest using custom shampoo provided in your custom regimen to avoid side-effects from the use of other generic products.

Do The Products Work For Premature Greying Too?

Ohadiya regimen may have some pharmacological effects on greying, however, it is not formulated to reduce greying issue.

Why Do I Need A Customised Regimen?

Ayurveda in its original, pure, and effective form begins with YOU. Ohadiya aims to do the same with our customised regimen. Your scalp and hair type are unique to only you. Generic products are made for everyone. When products are made for everyone, they are not made for you and your hair. This is why our team of Ayurvedic doctors researched for a simple regimen that can be customised according to one's doshas and their elevated states.

Do The Products Have Any Side-Effects?

As the products are customised for your particular hair type, the chances of the products having an adverse-effect is quite rare. Our products use 100% natural ingredients and hence further reduce the risk of any side-effects. However, some people can be allergic to natural products. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use and get in touch with us.

If I Stop Using The Products In Between, Will I Have Any Side-Effects?

The products take time to actually penetrate your follicles and start arresting your hair fall. If you stop using the products abruptly, no side effects will follow. However, hair growth will suffer.

What If I Don't See Results? Will The Products Surely Work?

Our products do not give instant results. They give results that last long. Your patience will be worth it. Just keep using the products as instructed and you will see results gradually.